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Medicaid Spending for Long-Term Care Recipients (2011)

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Long-Term Care Costs by Level of Care and Facility Type

The following are indicative of costs associated with various levels and types of long-term care services as of 2015. These are national average median rates; actual costs vary dramatically by state and by geographic location within each state.

Home-Based Care:

Homemaker services—Nationally, the median hourly rate charged by a non-certified but licensed home-care agency for homemaker services is $20. Homemaker services include housekeeping, cooking, and running errands.
Home health aide services—Nationally, the average median rate charged by a non-certified but licensed home-care provider for home health aide services is $20 per hour. Home health aides provide assistance with ADL's, not medical care.

Community-Based Care:

Adult day care

Nationally, the median daily rate charged for adult day care (which provides social and other support services in a community-based setting) is $69.

Facility-Based Care:

Assisted living facilitiesNationally, the monthly median rate for a private one-bedroom unit in an assisted living facility is $3,600 (implying an average annual cost of $43,200). These rates exclude one-time community or entrance fees. Thirty-five percent of the assisted living facilities surveyed charge a one-time fee, commonly referred to as a community fee or entrance fee, ranging from $25 to $120,000.

Nursing homesNationally, the median rate for a single-occupant private room is $91,250 per year, or $250 per day. The median rate for a semiprivate (i.e., double occupancy) room is $80,300 per year, or $220 per day. Considering that the average length of stay in a nursing home is two and a half years, the total cost of an average stay today would be about $200,000 to $228,000. For many, this expense could easily consume a lifetime of savings. Others may not be able to cover the cost at all.

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